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About your order

Once your order is accepted, we must select the products you ordered and pack them. We are doing our best to prepare the order in less than 72 hours (except Saturday and Sunday). The processing time of the order may however vary depending on the availability of the products.

To follow the progress of your order :

1 / Go to "My account" at the top right of the site,

2 / Log in using your credentials,

3 / On the "My Account" home page, click on "Orders History",

4 / Click on the button "Follow my order", where your will find out about the progress of the preparation.

Please note that the tracking will only appear 24 hours after the confirmation of your order.

Orders are shipped by Wasted from our logistics center in Paris 1er. The average shipping time for each product is 2 to 5 business days. If you order more than one item, they’ll most likely be shipped together. The average shipping time can therefore vary depending on disponibility of the products.

STRONG TRAFFIC PERIODS : During Holidays and Sales, preparation time will be lengthened.
You will receive an e-mail when your order is shipped.

You can follow the progression of your package in your customer area, History of my orders.

Unfortunately, we can not cancel or modify an order that is already being prepared or shipped.

On the other hand, you can return us your parcel by going to "My account", and following the "Return" procedure.

Please note that to avoid possible return costs, you can also refuse the parcel to its delivery via your local Post Office, in which case it will be returned to us within 7 to 10 working days.

Upon receipt of your parcel, we will proceed to its refund and you will be able to place another order.

Status "in preparation" means that we are preparing your order and that it has not been shipped yet. If we receive more orders than expected, this process may take longer than usual. We are doing our very best to ensure that your orders reach you within the specified timeframe.

You will receive a confirmation email when we ship your order, as well as a tracking link. If you don’t receive it, please contact us on sav@wasted.fr.

Once your order has been shipped, the selected carrier takes over and the tracking of your delivery is no longer in our hands.
Has a notice of passage been deposited in your mailbox ? Did you check with your neighbours ? Does anyone else have access to your mailbox ?

If you have not found your package, we invite you to contact the selected carrier to investigate this delivery problem and to turn towards us if their return is not satisfactory.

Returns and refunds

You have 14 days from the date of receipt of the parcel to return merchandise received, unworn, never washed and still carrying all its labels. Please note, if the item arrives in poor condition, we can not guarantee a refund.

You must attach the invoice with the completed form to the return package, otherwise we will not be able to proceed with the refund. If you have lost your invoice, you can re-print it from your account under "My order history".

Europe and International: The costs of return are at your expense.

Return Address:

WASTED PARIS, 13 rue Georges Auric, 75019 Paris, France.

The return must be made within 14 days from the date of receipt of the parcel. Please note the tracking number of your return package. In case of problem, this tracking number will serve as proof of delivery.
The products must be returned in their original packaging, with their labels and any accessories, in a perfect state of resale. They must therefore not have been worn, washed or damaged.
If the conditions mentioned are fulfilled, we will send a confirmation email upon receipt of your return and proceed to the refund within a maximum of 30 days.
The shipping of your return is your responsibility until it is received by our warehouse.

No, returns are made exclusively according to the procedure described above.
If we find, upon receipt of the returned goods, traces of use or damage, we reserve ourselves the right to contest the return.

Our Returns Department is busier than usual and therefore we spend more time processing the returns we receive.

If you have returned your order, please wait 1 or 2 additional business days to get news about your return. Keep an eye on your mail box, for we will send an email to confirm the reception of the return.

Depending on the method of return chosen, it will take 14 working days (excluding weekends and holidays) for your parcel to reach our warehouse.

Do not forget that the return remains under your responsibility until it arrives in our warehouse, so always ask for tracking in order to keep an eye on its evolution.

Once received, your return will be processed within 1 to 3 business days of receipt and an email will be sent to you for confirmation. The refund will be made automatically within 5 to 10 days on the account you used to place your order initially.

If you have not received an email within 14 working days, after returning your order (excluding weekends and bank holidays), please contact our Customer Service. We will contact you as soon as possible !

Be sure to provide us with the original order number, the items you returned, the date you returned them, and any return reference number (ie, proof of shipping).

Products and Stock Availability

We know how frustrating it can be to find an article you want at any price is out of stock.

Some popular items are exhausted very quickly. That's why we advise you to purchase them as soon as possible, before someone else does it for you.
If the desired product is no longer available, you can ask to receive an e-mail at the moment of the restock.

We are currently unable to provide information about the date the item will be available again online.

You can create an alert by leaving your email address on the concerned product. We will mail you when the product comes back in stock.

Don't forget to check our NEW COLLECTION section, where you'll be able to shop all our latest articles!

Due to promotions or sales, our prices may vary. The price difference for orders placed before promotions or sales can not be refunded.

We don't want to send any article that does not fit you, which is why we have a Size Guide.

View the Size Guide


To do :

Always read the care label and washing instructions before washing your clothes
Organize your laundry in groups with the same washing and care instructions and separate white or dark colors from other colors.
The wash temperature indicated on the label is the maximum recommended temperature. In case of doubt between two washing temperatures, always choose the lower temperature rather than the upper one.
Return clothes inside out before washing.

To avoid :

Avoid using too much detergent
Do not use textile detergents that contain bleach
Do not use a dryer to dry clothing unless indicated on the label
Do not iron prints
Do not allow white and colored clothing to soak for extended periods of time
Clothing with metallic elements should not be left to soak

We pay great attention to the quality of our products. If, however, in spite of all the quality checks carried out, any defect should be reported, we invite you to contact our customer service.

Payment and promotions

In general, our coupon codes are visible directly on the website.

You can also receive them through our newsletters. Be careful however with the codes received by email, some are exclusively linked to the sent accounts and can not be used by other clients.

Also keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook pages where we may be advertising a promotion that is not displayed on the website.

Ordering online has never been safer! We use one of the most secure online ordering systems on the market : Standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, to encrypt potentially sensitive information such as your name or address, as well as extremely sensitive information such as your payment information. The information your computer transmits to our website can not be read, even if it is intercepted.

This technology includes the following features:

Authentication: it ensures the sending of your data to the right server, and the fact that the latter is secured.
Encryption: Your data is encrypted, so that it can only be read by the secure server.
Data Integrity: This test checks the transferred data to ensure that it has not been altered.

In the unlikely event that your card has been used fraudulently, your bank or card issuing institution will not hold you liable for more than 50 € of fraudulent debits.

In the unlikely event that your card is used without your permission, you must immediately report the incident to the issuing institution of your credit card in order to be entitled to secure protection.

We are sorry to hear that you paid more than expected for your order.

Several reasons may justify a small price differential:

- Bad currency selected:
Payments are made in the currency selected at the time of payment. If your local currency is different from that selected, then your bank will convert the two currencies using its own exchange rate.

We always invite customers to make their purchase in their local currency to avoid any additional charges. Think of clicking in the top right corner of the page, on the flag that will then unroll the "Change currency" menu to verify that you are using the correct currency.

 - Promotional code not applicable to all your items:
If you used a promotional code on your order, the discount may not apply to all items in your cart. Indeed, some coupon codes exclude items or brands in particular. Please check the terms of use received with the code.

If you still think you have paid too much for your order, please contact our customer service so that we can look closely into the problem.

If your payment is authorized, you will receive an email confirming that the order has been validated. The amount due will be debited within 48 hours after the order.

If your card is not authorized, it will not be debited, and we will send you an email informing you of the reason for the canceling of your order. In this case, it is a rejection by the bank or issuer of your card.

Note that even if a payment is not allowed, the withdrawal may occur because the card issuer has been able to set the funds aside for a short period of time (maximum 10 working days).

Follow these steps :

Sign in to your WASTED account to check your credit card or PayPal account details.

Make sure the information provided is correct, for example, the correct expiration date, or the billing address that must be the same as your bank statement;

Make sure you enter the security code correctly : the three-digit number on the back of your card;

The issuer of your card may have refused payment. Check with your bank or PayPal;

If you have followed all the above steps, try using another payment method.

If funds are no longer available on your account, your bank or PayPal may have reserved them (for a maximum of 10 business days). They will be available at the end of this period. For more information, contact your bank or PayPal directly.

How can I modify my password on my Wasted account ?

On our login page, click on the "Forgot your password?" link and enter your email address. This must be the same as the address used for your WASTED account.

We will then send you a link directly to your email address so that you can reset your password.

Technical problem

Once you have created your account on WASTED.FR, you will be able to log into your account by clicking on Login at any time. This is where you need to go if you want to change your password, your email address, your delivery and billing addresses, and your means of payment.

If you have not visited our website for a period of time, it is best to check your account to ensure that all information is up-to-date.

When you want to make purchases or access your account, we ask you to log in. If your email address or password is not recognized, please follow the instructions below:

Be sure to use the email address and password you filled in when creating your account;
If you can not remember your password, click on the "Forgot your password?" Link on the login page. You will then be asked to enter your email address and we will send you a message with a link to create a new password;
If you enter an incorrect email address and / or password three times in a row, your account will no longer be accessible for 30 minutes.
If you still can not connect to your account, please contact our Customer Service team about the problem, providing if possible screenshots of the error message you received.

Contact Us

You can contact us via this form : CONTACT US

Or at the email adress : sav@wasted.fr.

We will do our best to respond within 48hrs.